Is your website your best marketing tool?

Or a hastily put-together afterthought?

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Does this look like you?

The average website is a small, bit player in an average company’s marketing … a pretty face without a real job.

But your website could be the key to your success:
Your first and best way to introduce yourself to target audiences,
Provide information,
Establish your brand,
And connect with people in a meaningful way.

If you want that kind of website – the kind that will push you to the top – you can’t settle for web development that isn’t a key part of your entire marketing strategy.

A carefully developed website can also:

  • Help your staff make the best use of their time when answering frequently asked questions
  • Minimize administrative work when gathering information about prospects and automatically adding new clients/patients to your system
  • Provide key information to your sales & marketing team about the information your clients and prospects are looking for

Instead of treating your website as a standalone thing out there on the internet, why not learn about the ways it can make your job easier? By developing your website plan as an integral part of your marketing strategy, you’ll discover the ‘must-haves’ your site should include to help you reach your goals.

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Who Am I?

Creating a website and other marketing materials that work for you doesn’t require a magic wand. It just requires thoughtful strategy and planning – done the right way.

I’m Leslie Smith. I’ve spent over two decades in advertising, and 18 years ago founded my own company. (Why did I name my company after a bird? It’s a cool story if you have a couple of minutes – you can read it, and how I started my company, here.)

I work with clients to create websites and branding based on solid marketing strategies – not just pretty pictures.

What do you get when you work with me?

  • A website that works for you
  • Branding that represents you – and resonates with your target audience
  • Powerful marketing tools to help you grow your company.

What’s the #1 website mistake I see?

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Want my help?

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