I help business owners attract
Perfect, ideal clients
through purposeful
branding & marketing

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Picture This

Picture a business that supports the life you want …

  • A business that stands out as professional and successful
  • That positions you as a respected authority
  • And provides the lifestyle you’ve dreamed of for you and your family

You CAN have it all

  • You’re great at what you do
  • Your clients need your services, and you’re committed to serving them
  • You’ve got the skills and talent to be an industry leader
  • Yet you have trouble presenting yourself as an accomplished leader
  • Yet you hesitate when putting yourself ‘out there’
  • Yet you haven’t found your authentic voice and look – or part of your branding feels right, but the rest is an unprofessional mess

It’s time to stop letting the ‘yets’ hold you back.

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Purposeful Branding

The life you dreamed about when you first started your business?

With purposeful branding and marketing,
it can be yours.

Purposeful branding pulls elements of you – your unique personality – and strategically weaves these into a look, tone and message for your business that resonates and connects with your intended audiences.

  • So that you stand out
  • So that your message is authentic
  • So that what you present to others is every bit the professional, talented, accomplished leader that you are.

You need a branding strategy for your company that illustrates your unique personality and vision and integrates these into the message, look, and mood that connects with your audience.

You already know that doing it yourself is not a good use of your time.
You need a trusted professional to take care of the technical and creative details so that you can focus on what you do best.

That’s where I come in.

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Who Am I?

I’m Leslie Smith

I’ve spent 30+ years in advertising, and 17 years ago founded my own company. (Why did I name my company after a bird? It’s a cool story if you have a couple of minutes – you can read it, and how I started my company, here.)

I know what it’s like to be a woman in business. With years spent in male-dominated industries, I know what it’s like to hold back, to hesitate when speaking to prospects, even when I knew that I knew what I was talking about.

More importantly, I’ve also experienced the exhilarating freedom that the right branding and marketing can give you:

  • The confidence you feel when your logo, voice, and message are authentically you.
  • The respect you discover when your branding and marketing resonate with your audience.

When you have that, presenting yourself confidently, with authority, comes easily.
And so does success.

Does your branding & marketing attract your perfect, ideal clients?

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I Can Help You

I work with clients to develop purposeful branding and marketing:

Uncover the vision
You’ve dreamed about for yourself and your business, and establish the authentic image you want to present to the outside world

The right voice and mood to connect your company to your market, with a brand strategy that combines your voice with the image you want to present

Tangible branding elements
Logo, styles, images, graphics created for you to present you and your business as the respected, successful professional you are

Marketing components
Ad templates and a website designed to position your business as a respected, successful authority

Want to know more? Let’s chat. Click the button below to schedule a free consultation.