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Does this look like you?

Do you want a life that’s bigger and better than what you have right now?
Do you need a life where you’re in control of your schedule?
Do you crave freedom?

Building the life you want starts with dreaming it.

Whether you’ve already started your own company or it’s still in the idea stage, you need marketing & branding to get you where you want to go. Marketing & branding, done the right way:

  • Helps you create a joyful life, by connecting you with those clients and projects you most want to work with
  • Builds your self-confidence, with purposeful branding that presents the authentic you as the successful professional that you are
  • Gives you a roadmap to success, with actionable marketing strategies that you can implement on a daily basis

It’s time to bring your dreams to life.

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What if

What if you could create your own life, where

  • Clients seek you out
  • You are recognized as a respected authority
  • You charge what your services are worth

Creating a business that gives you a better life doesn’t require a magic wand.
It requires positioning you in the right place. 
It requires branding and marketing, done the right way.

Let’s create that.

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Who Am I?

I’m Leslie Smith

I’ve spent over two decades in advertising, and 17 years ago founded my own company. (Why did I name my company after a bird? It’s a cool story if you have a couple of minutes – you can read it, and how I started my company, here.)

The right branding & marketing help you get more clients.
But it goes way beyond that.
By positioning you where you want to be, the right marketing gives you confidence, clarity and courage to create the future you desire.

Dreaming of launching your own business?

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I Can Help You

I work with clients to develop purposeful branding and marketing:

Uncover the vision
You’ve dreamed about for yourself and your business, and establish the authentic image you want to present to the outside world

The right voice and mood to connect your company to your market, with a brand strategy that combines your voice with the image you want to present

Tangible branding elements
Logo, styles, images, graphics created for you to present you and your business as the respected, successful professional you are

Marketing components
Ad templates and a website designed to position your business as a respected, successful authority

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