Is Your Marketing All Over the Place?

Service providers & consultants often skip over a crucial process when trying to market their businesses online. And that can be the difference that turns prospects into clients.Want to know the secret? Download my free Branding Checklist today!

Is this you?

  • Your services can change someone’s life … yet you’re struggling to get new clients
  • You’re great at what you do … yet you have a hard time putting it into words that prospects can understand
  • You know what you’re doing with your work … yet when it comes to your marketing, you’re not sure where to start

And worst of all …

  • You’re not making the money you know you should

It’s time to create something different.

I promise you, it’s not rocket science, but there is a process. In this free checklist, I walk you through that process and explain how to create branding and marketing the right way.

What happens if you have the right branding & marketing? Quite simply, it works.

  • You connect with your ideal prospects with messaging that resonates with them
  • You have a strategy for building your business
  • You have an action plan for your marketing – you always know what to do next

And best of all …

  • You turn prospects into clients

Why Should You Listen to Me?

I’m Leslie Smith. I’ve spent almost three decades in advertising, and 17 years ago founded my own company. (Why did I name my company after a bird? It’s a cool story if you have a couple of minutes – you can read it, and how I started my company, here.)

The right branding & marketing help you get more clients.
But it goes way beyond that.
By positioning you where you want to be, the right marketing gives you confidence, clarity and courage to create the future you desire.

What are you waiting for? Download the checklist today.