What I Do

Marketing Strategy & Messaging | Branding | Logos | Ads | Websites

WHO I WORK WITH: Whether you’re new in business and need a mentor and startup support, or are a professional service provider who’s found that your messaging no longer connects with prospects, I can help with branding & marketing strategies that get results.

WHY IT WORKS: When you hire Heron Design, you get graphic & web design expertise combined with decades of experience helping businesses develop winning marketing strategies – think ultra-creative computer geek with a solid marketing background.

WHAT MAKES ME DIFFERENT: I start with helping you figure out which clients and services you most enjoy working with. (Because when your work and the people you work with bring you joy, you show up with more energy. You’re more focused. And that’s the way to build a successful business.) Then, we’ll look at how you market your services, creating a marketing plan that outlines what you offer, your target market and the best way to reach them, with marketing strategies and action plans that you can implement on a daily basis.

✓ With our branding, I guarantee you will love your logo. I’ll work with you until we have a design that best represents you, because it’s the foundation for your brand. When you are selling a service, your personality should shine through your branding; that’s how you connect with your ideal customer.

✓ We design beautiful ads that match your brand and meet specs. You’ll never worry about last-minute calls because your files weren’t right.

✓ We build websites in WordPress. If you’ve seen something you like online, I’m 100% positive I can recreate it in WordPress. (If you’ve dreamed it and can sketch it on a napkin, I’m 90% sure.) And then I’ll teach you and your staff how to use WordPress so that you can keep your website up-to-date.

HOW IT WORKS: Let’s have a conversation to make sure we’re a good fit, over the phone or Zoom. If you’re near Chattanooga or Nashville I’d love to meet you in person. (I’m in Chattanooga. My oldest is in college at Belmont in Nashville, so I’ll take any reason to make that drive!)

READY TO TALK? Click on the button below to set up a time on my calendar, email me at [email protected], or call me at (423) 402-0422.

Whether you need help developing your messaging and marketing strategy, a logo, website or a full branding package: if you’re good at what you do, I can help you create a business that you’ll love. To find out more, let’s set up a time to talk.